What motivated us to place athletes as sports models?

We firmly believe that athletes have an advantage over traditional models for athletic photo and advertising shoots (sports models & fitness models). According to the motto “Know how?”, they can score points with their wealth of experience in their sport / sports area and assert themselves qualitatively. After all, you can tell from a commercial whether a footballer really plays soccer.

Admission criteria? What qualifications should be available?

We are always looking for active and attractive athletes who can impress with their sporting attributes, i.e. not catwalk models. Therefore, height, age or ancestry are secondary criteria. You should be communicative, friendly, polite and reliable. A good dose of optimism, personal integrity and social skills are just as important.

What are the right photos for the first application?

The right photos for the first application are very simple. We need a recent selfie of you, 1 full body photo and 3 sports photos. The selfie should be a completely natural selfie, without filters or make-up. The full body photo should show you in your underwear or bikini so that we get an impression of your current body. The sports photos should show you doing your sport in action. You can easily have the photos taken with a smartphone. Professional photos are not necessarily required for the time being.

Which pictures are not welcome in an application?

Photos with filters or make-up are not welcome for the application. We need an impression of your current natural appearance, including your face. Individual parts of your body (e.g. just your stomach) are not welcome as application photos.

When will I receive an answer to my application?

If our team is interested in you as a sports model, we will get back to you within four weeks at the latest. If you do not hear back from us within four weeks, our team has decided that we are not convinced that we have the right client base for you to ensure a successful collaboration.

Can I come to the agency in person?

Sure, that’s no problem at all!

However, due to the high demand, we ask all sports models to make an appointment in advance if you would like to visit us at the agency.

What happens after positive feedback?

If you receive positive feedback and we would like to include you as a sports model in our file, we will need pictures and some information from you in order to include you in our file.

Can I also produce images myself?

For the creation of the digital sedcard, you can also provide us with your own photo material (Polaroids, video with digital camera or smartphone). The image material should be as up-to-date as possible. The more professional and expressive the image material, the higher the chances of being placed. A photo manual describing how the photos should look will be sent to you by email after positive feedback. This way you know exactly what we need from you as a sports model for pictures.

How is the presentation organized?

The digital sedcard is a summary of your individual image material, which clients can use to recognize your qualifications for their project. However, a presentation on our homepage is not necessarily decisive, as clients often contact us directly and ask for recommendations. We work with the latest techniques and standards to present you as a sports model.

What are the earning opportunities?

The fee as a sports model and fitness model depends on the type and duration of the project to be realized and, of course, on your recognizability. Other factors such as type of use, duration of use, purpose of use and the media distribution of the recordings influence the amount of the fee. Experience shows that fees in the three- to four-digit range are paid.

What is the prospect of being booked?

Of course, a bit of luck is always part of it. But the most important thing is that you excel in your sport, are ambitious and face challenges with healthy self-confidence. You should be communicative and reliable and enjoy working with people and in front of the camera. The better your photo material, the better your chances of being placed as a sports model.

What expectations are attached to the job, what time span does the job cover and where do the jobs as sports models or fitness models take place?

“5 minutes ahead of time is the right punctuality.” You should take this motto to heart and arrive at the location on time. After the make-up artists and stylists have done their work, you will receive a briefing and find out what is expected of you before you go in front of the camera. The subjects depend on the client’s wishes. For example, it could be photos for a sports catalog, sports activities or a TV commercial.

You can schedule an average of 9 hours for a full-time job and an average of 4 hours for a half-day job. However, overtime can also occur from time to time. The production locations for commercials are usually larger German cities. However, cities in Europe or around the world are also possible. Necessary organizational activities (e.g. flight bookings, hotel reservations) can be taken over by the agency.

What costs do I need to factor in?

None at first!

If you already have suitable photo material as a photo model, sports model or fitness model, we can of course use the material we already have.

What are the contractual conditions?

Our contract is essentially not different from the contracts of other model agencies. We receive a commission from you for arranging a booking. This is 20% of the agreed fee / buyout.  The fact that you do not enter into an exclusive contract with us, i.e. you are not contractually bound to us, is certainly a great advantage.