What was your ambition to use athletes as sports models?

We are convinced that athletes have an advantage over classic models when it comes to athletic photo and video productions. Through their knowledge and expertise within their specific field of sports they are able to deliver a higher quality performance. When watching a commercial you can simply tell if a soccer player really does play soccer after all.

Admission criteria? What does it take to become a sports model?

Fundamentally we are searching for active and attractive athletes who are able to impress with their skills (within their specific field of sports), so no runway models. Therefore criteria such as height, age, or race are subsequent. You should be communicative, kind, polite, and reliable. A great portion of optimism, personal integrity and social skills are of great significancy.

What are the correct photos for the first application?

The right pictures for the first application are quite simple. We need a current selfie of you , 1 full body shot and 3 sports pictures. The selfie should be an absolutely natural selfie without filters or makeup. The full body shot should show you in underwear or bikini , so that we get an impression of your current body. The sports photos should show you in action. These pictures can easily be taken by smartphone. For the application professional photos are not required or necessary.

What images are not desirable photos for an application?

Photos with filter or makeup are not desirable for the application. We need a picture of your current natural appearance, this includes your face. Individual parts of the body (for example, only your sixpack) as application photos are undesirable.

When will I get a reply to my application?

If our team has interest in you as a sports model, we will contact you within three weeks. If you receive no response within three weeks, our team came to the decision that we are not convinced that we have the right client base for you to ensure a successful collaboration.

What happens after positive feedback?

If you receive positive feedback we will need photo material (polas, masters, videos etc). and several information to incorporate you into our pool.

Is it possible to take photos and videos myself?

For your digital sedcard you can also send us non-professional photos and videos (polaroid, smartphone videos and photos). However, the photo material must be recent. The more professional and significant your photo material is, the higher the chances to get booked. If you receive positive feedback we will also send you a photo manual, which describes how the photos should look like/should be taken.

Can I personally visit the agency?

Sure, that’s no problem! Due to the high demand, we ask all sports models to make an appointment in advance, if you would like to visit us in the agency.

How are the income opportunities?

The fee depends on the style and duration of the job, and of course on your recognizability. Other factors affecting your salary are type and period of use, and buy-out options. Based on experience salaries within the three- to four-digit hundred Euro range are common.

How does the final presentation look like? How will I get presented?

The digitial sedcard is a summary of your individual photo material, which clients will use to identify your qualifications for their project/if your qualified for their project/job. However, the presentation on our webpage is not always determining, because often clients will contact us directly and ask for recommendations.

What are my chances of getting booked?

Of course it also takes a little bit of luck. But even more important are your athletic skills, your ambition, and to confidentially meet challenges. You should be communicative and reliable and enjoy working in front of the camera with other people. Also, the better your photo material looks, the higher are the chances to get booked.

What are the expectations on the job, how long does the job take and where does it take place?

You should always arrive on time, being five minutes early is even better. After hair and make up is finished, you will get a detailed briefing on what the photographer expects from you before you the shooting starts. Specific motives depend on the individual client and project, but could for example be photos for a sports catalogue or for tutorials, or even a TV commercial.


If it’s a full-day job it usually takes about 9 hours, a half-day job should be done within 4 hours. But also over time might happen. The shootings/productions usually take place in larger cities within Germany, but also cities in Europe or abroad are possible. Necessary operations regarding the organization (for example booking of flights, hotels, etc.) can be fulfilled by the agency.

What kind of costs/expenses do I have to take into account?


If you already have suitable picture material as a photo model, sports model or fitness model, we can of course use the existing material.

If you don’t have recent photo material we can set up a meeting/appointment to take the necessary photos and videos. The costs for polaroids, professional sports pictures, a video as well as the personal, digital sedcard  are 99.00 Euro net as well. If you have enough picture material, these costs are of course unnecessary.

What are the contractual terms and conditions?

Our contract is basically the same as any other model agency contract. For each booking, we receive a commission in the amount of 18% of the agreed salary / Buyouts including taxes. Services (for example flight or hotel bookings) that we provide for your job will account for 7% of the agreed salary / Buyouts including taxes. So the commission is in total 25 %. It is definitely a great advantage for you that our contracts are non-exclusive.