In this modeling tutorial, we explain how to take matching digitals. Digitals are mainly current and natural pictures showing the model in portrait, full body and in profile.

It is an advantage if different variations or expressions can be seen, such as smiling, neutral facial expression, profiles, half profiles and full body. For models with long hair, it is a good idea to make digitals with open and closed hair. It is very important that little to no make-up is used. Clients need an insight into your current, natural look as a model.

As described in the model tutorial, the digitals can easily be photographed with a digital camera or smartphone at home in front of a white wall or calm background.

Please make sure that there are no hard shadows and that there is enough daylight. As described in the model tutorial, it is best to wear tight, form-fitting clothing. If you want to work as a fitness model or lingerie model, please also take pictures in underwear and swimwear. Have fun with the modeling tutorial and making digitals.


Beispiel Polas